Barcode scanner plugin

Does anyone know of a plug-in to read barcodes with?

I found this plugin:



See also this discussion from 2011 on the ImageJ mailing list.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the tips. Although I can’t seem to get the QR decoder to work with ‘old fashioned’ barcodes like this:

The result of this barcode should be “7”, but all I get is a failure. It was rotated a bit in the original picture, but I put it straight and also removed unnecessary backgrounds.
Any help is appreciated in getting this to work.


The plugin uses an older version of the ‘zxing’ lib:

Eventually you have to update the included library or ask the developer of the lib. on StackOverflow
for a possible solution for your specific barcode (search for [zxing]).

Just for completeness. You can use the Java webcam capture library

which has a nice example how to scan QR/Bar codes: