Axioplan 2 + Retiga 1300i

Hi all,

I am trying to revive an old Axioplan 2 + Retiga 1300i system for fluorescent imaging. What I’ve tried so far:

Axioplan 2 microscope
It is hooked up to a 32-bit XP (service pack 3) machine via RS232>TRENDnet USB connection. Using MM 1.4.21 or 22, I was able to partially configure the microscope to turn on the halogen lights and control the focus. However, I am unable to control fluorescent shutter or objective turret, so I need someone’s input on how I can do this.

Retiga 1300i mono
Also hooked up to the same XP machine, but it is via IEEE 1394 cable. I was able to validate with Teledyne’s legacy software (QCapSuite 2911) that the hardware is correctly connected and functional, but MM 1.4.21 or 1.4.22 would not recognize the camera. Hardware configuration on MM has greyed out QCam (unavailable), so I am unable to configure my camera on MM 1.4.21 or 1.4.22. Teledyne’s tech support keeps suggesting that I reinstall MM again and again, but that clearly does not change anything…

The scope and the camera are definitely functional by themselves, and I really would love to combine them into a single functional unit with MM. Can anyone please help?!