Avoid starting omero in the omero.py environment

hi all,

what is the best practice to avoid starting omero in the OMERO.web part?

I’ve installed OMERO.server and on the same machine OMERO.web (omerowebvenv)
…also as user ‘omero’.


One option would be to disable omero.data.dir by setting it to any non-extant or non-writable directory:

$ bin/omero config set omero.data.dir /dev/null
$ bin/omero admin start
FATAL: OMERO directory which needs to be writeable belongs to root: /dev/null
Please use "chown -R NEWUSER /dev/null" and run as then run bin/omero as NEWUSER

OMERO.web shouldn’t be depending on that property anywhere, but if you run into any issues, please let us know.


that helps!

I’ll inform you if I run in trouble because of this


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