AVI unsupported compression error

Hi All,

I’m trying to use ImageJ to track honeybee sperm movement in videos. The videos were originally in MOV format but I converted them to AVI in order to use ImageJ. However, now when I open the AVI files in ImageJ I receive the error:

Unsupported compression: 34363248 ‘H264’

I have tried converting the MOV files to AVI using different software (VLC media player and Movavi video converter), but the error continues.

How can I fix this compression error? Sorry if this is a silly question, my IT/ImageJ skills are quite limited! Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Hello Jess,
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Here is a similar post that was created before, maybe this should be helpful - http://imagej.1557.x6.nabble.com/importing-video-in-image-J-td5013123.html

Here another link of links:

Thank you @Praveen and @Bio7, I really appreciate the help!