Average intensity of AVI files


Is there a plugin that performs certain analysis (such as averaging) on each frame of an AVI file automatically?
I am specifically interested to get the average intensity of individual frames of an AVI file in a list.
Currently, I have to open the AVI file, get the average, then manually move to the next frame and do that again. But that is very time-consuming.

Thank you

Welcome to the forum, @Mohammad_Bonakdar!

You can use the ROI Manager’s Multi Measure command to do that:

  • Run Analyze > Set Measurements… to choose the type of measurement you’d like to get (e.g. Mean gray value),
  • Edit > Selection > Select All (or press A),
  • Edit > Selection > Add to manager (or press T),
  • In the ROI Manager window, click More >> Multi Measure

This will give you a results table with one row per slice of your stack (i.e. frame of your video).

Here’s a macro that illustrates the process:

run("Bat Cochlea Volume (19K)");
run("Set Measurements...", "mean redirect=None decimal=2");
run("Select All");
roiManager("Multi Measure");

Thank you @imagejan. It really helped.