Average angle of connected line segments

Hi all,

I am trying to measure axons that suddenly change direction and are made up of connected straight line segments. The line segment tool is perfect for measuring length; but I also noticed that each time an individual line segment is made, imageJ gives the angle of the individual line segment with respect to the positive x axis of the image (but it does not record it). I was wondering if it is possible to get an average angle of the connected line segments? I could not find any script from a google search.

If nothing else, I can always do a second measurement of the angle by approximating a “line of best fit” on the individual axons. I was just hoping I could speed up the process by knocking it out with one measurement.

Thank you.

Hello @Integral,

If you click on Analyze :arrow_forward: Measure (or press Ctrl + M) each time you draw a new line, both the angle and the length will be stored on the Results table.


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Hi Integral,

I am new at trying to measure the axon length of rat cortical neurons, GFP-stained, at 10x confocal magnification (to fit the axon in one or two fields of view). As you know, the axon curves a lot, and am having a hard time to do it for many neurons, especially in an automated way. I would like to ask if you could share your process, and any tips on speeding up the process? Sorry that this is unrelated to your inquiry, but I read that you measure axon length as well. Thank you!