Avast put QuPath "in the chest" because it detected IDP.generic

So I just installed (or tried to) QuPath 0.2.3 on my computer. It installed fine, but then when I went to open it Avast put it in the virus chest because it (QuPath-0.2.3.exe) was infected with IDP.generic (I installed using the windows.msi). Has anyone else had this problem? Seems kind of major. Thanks!

Sounds like that is a generic* result, you can submit it for false positive testing so that Avast learns.

*IT humor. Yes, I know.

As far as I can tell from googling IDP.generic, this is commonly a false positive. I recall Norton has previously flagged QuPath in the same way (some years ago – I haven’t heard of it happening recently): no specific recognised threat, but simply that it hadn’t seen many Norton users running it.

Updating your antivirus software may help. I’m not aware of any real issue with QuPath or the Windows installer (the .msi for v0.2.3 has been downloaded 6114 times and this is the first such report I’ve heard of).

The threat is usually categorized as false positive detection. This means that the antivirus program that you’ve installed has detected a legitimate or harmless file as risky and either removed or quarantined it. In any case, the detections end up leading to the removal of significant system files or data. But not every threat that is detected is a false positive.

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