Autostart macro based on event



Hi, i am new to fiji/imageJ.

Is it possible to start a macro based on a event ? Forexample - When i take a picture and its saved to a folder den imageJ will automatic analyse the picture and create a result file.

BR Jan


Good day Jan,

your question is OS-specific and has only indirectly to do with ImageJ. You can call ImageJ-macros per terminal command, i.e. your question transforms to the question of how your OS is able to “tell the terminal” that something happened that should trigger your ImageJ-macro. With macOS this can be done by using AppleScript and you will find a lot of AppleScript-code on the web.

Good luck



Hi Herbie,

Thank ypu for your reply - I am using win10 :slight_smile:

Br Jan



I’m sure there are ways for doing what you wish with all OSes but I guess you have to find out yourself or ask on more specific Fora.