Automatically Identifying Neurons in C. elegans Images


I’m currently working with a project that involves the automatic identification of neurons in microscopic images of the nematode C.elegans like the one attached.
I was wondering if anybody here has worked with something similar and if it is possible for CellProfiler to do that identification automatically so that I can use that pipeline on every image similar to the one attached. I know that there is a module that allows the manual identification of objects but I’m not so sure about the automatic identifications of the objects I want, which are the Cellular Body and the Axon of the neuron.

Imgs_Celegans.rar (6.53 MB)

Thank you for your time.

Hi Daniel,

I hope others with more experience can weigh in, but I put together an extremely rough pipeline (attached). I would not regard this as the final answer but it might point in the right direction.

assay.cppipe (10.9 KB)

Thank you very much Mark this actually helps me a lot!

Thanks again and sorry for the late reply.