Automatic Width Detection

Hi everyone.

I have some problem with measuring the width of some blood vessel in imageJ.
I have this image from Z projection of some video and I want to automatically detect the size of the horizontal white line and the average width of the line from the most left until the most right part.
Is there any macro or plugin to do it?

Thank you.

Hi Ferry,

There is this brilliant macro which you can adapt:

Beware though: you are using a Z projection. If your vessel twists a bit, the projection will make it look thicker than it really is.



Hi Matthieu.

Thank you for the reply.
I already tried your macro and its work.
Although it still semi-automatic because we still need to draw straight line but this is already good enough and this macro can be used without the needed to change into z projection image.



The approach mentioned in that post might help. But you need first to threshold / segment your vessel.

Hi Jan.

I already tried it and it works well as long as the threshold value can be predetermined.
Thank you.