Automatic Non-rigid Histological Image Registration (ANHIR) challenge



Dear colleague,

We invite everybody interested in image registration methods to participate in the new Automatic Non-rigid Histological Image Registration (ANHIR) challenge to be held at the ISBI 2019 conference in Venice in April 2019. The task consists of registering multi-stain histology images.

Looking forward to your possible participation,
Jiří Borovec (@Borda) & Arrate Munoz-Barrutia & Jan Kybic (@Jan_Kybic) & Ignacio Arganda (@iarganda)


If you consider participating, please register if you have not done it already and join the challenge at your earliest convenience. This will allow us for better planning. Joining is also a prerequisite for downloading the data.

A large number of images are now available for download. We have updated our download instructions.

Let us remind you that we will have a challenge workshop at the ISBI conference where the winners will be announced and the best methods presented. We would also like to write a journal article with the challenge results.