Automatic Labeling & Finding coordinates of cells




I am analyzing a dragon fly wing using a scanned png image of an actual wing. Can ImageJ automatically label each cell within the wing and provide me with cell boundary coordinates of each corner/vertex?

Thank you.


Welcome @vkhanna,

It is tempting to say “YES” if you don’t provide a sample image. Please do.
Usually things sound simple but look more difficult; hence.

The general process of detecting 'cell’s, label cells, getting borders of cells generally isn’t that complicated.
Ending up with only the corners might prove tricky. Although there the usual skeletonization process and subsequent identification of multiple-connected points is of great help.


Here’s one of the pictures


Good day,

why did you use this terribly granular background?
This and the insufficient spatial resolution of the sample image make the desired analysis extremely complicated if not impossible.

Does you scanner provide 16bit output?
If yes, please post a typical 16bit TIF-image with homogeneous light background and in any case significantly higher spatial resolution.
(TIF-images can be posted as ZIP-archives.)