Automated ROIs check and possible update



Hi everybody!
I’m a medical physicist and i need a fast way to automate image analysis for QA in computed tomography. In particular, i need a macro to analyze Catphan inserts that automatically put some ROIs at certain position, give me the possibility to check the position and possibly shift all of them all in once, and then let me check and confirm again, and then make the measurements.
How can i implement this?
Thank you in advance




So… to get started with scripting in ImageJ/Fiji - here are some helpful links to get you started:

What you want to do should be feasible with a script… so if you are really just starting with scripting… begin with the workshop (goes over Script Parameters there too - which you’ll find very helpful!)… write some code and test things out piece-by-piece. You can always post again with some code samples you’ve tried.

Do you have any code written at this point? Perhaps you can provide an image/dataset and small workflow/code-snippet (to better describe the functionality you want) for us to better help you?