Automated multiple image arrangement using imagej/fiji

I need to arrange many images to make slides out of them. They are save with apporpriate names. For example I need to say place image 1 in the upper right corner with a specific size and place iamge two next to image 1 with a determined distance from image 1 in x direction (the same y), put image 3 under image 1 (the same x) and image 4 next to image 3 (the same y) and do it for all of these images. Is it possible to do so in automated way in imagej?


Jerome Mutterer’s @jerome.mutterer “youtube” site shows the use of a tool of this nature.


Hi @Zeynab_Mousavi,

When images are the same size, you can put them in a stack, keeping the titles with Image>Stack>Images to Stack, ticking the Use Titles as Labels box. Then you can make an Image >Stacks>Montage...

When the images are added to the stack in proper order, you will get them in the places you desire. This can/could be done by opening images from disk and adding them to the stack in proper order with copy-paste once you know the relation between the location in the stack and the location in the Montage.