Automated measurements using ImageJ

Hi, i am currently working on a project using ImageJ. I am relatively new to ImageJ, and the scope of my project is to do an automated measurement of a composite repair using ImageJ. I have tried using the Hough Transform plugin but it doesn’t seem to detect the donut shaped edges of the circle. Is there any or other proper ways to do this?

If you haven’t gotten any responses in a day or two, you may want to provide more information about what exactly is not working (example results) and what you want the result to look like (even hand drawn “expected” results).

Hi @Hafiz
Check out this topics:

Hi @Mathew

Cheers for the recommendation, but the thing is with my project is that there will always be different images used therefore it is not limited to the picture which I posted. I need to create a set of functions/programs through macro which will be able to cater to different shapes and sizes.