Automated analysis of bead on fibers using diameterJ

Is there a way to get radius information on the bead on fiber structures using diameterJ? If not do you have a suggestion on how I should go about analyzing them or just do it by hand? I have tried several images now and don’t see the beads on the radius histogram. My beads are roughly 8 -10 times thicker than the fibers.


Would you be able to share an original image file via uploading directly here on the forum or sharing with a link via a file-sharing program? This way - we can see your images and get a better idea of how to help you develop an appropriate workflow.

As a start… you should be able to Segment your beads (again, not seeing your images, i’m not sure what you mean by ‘bead on fiber structures’) and then use Analyze Particles to measure different aspects of those objects… including calculating the radii. Depending on your objects of interest - you might not need to use DiameterJ.