Autocorrect and FIJI-Legacy

Hi there,

Every time I update FIJI, it keeps throwing errors and the auto complete feature in the macro editor window stops working. I can fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling FIJI-Legacy, but anytime I get another update, i start getting the same error and loss of autocomplete. It’s always fixable by uninstalling and reinstalling FIJI-legacy, but it’s kind of a nusance. Any ideas for a fix?

Also, my startup macro does call to open the macro editor and record window upon startup. could that be messing with things?

Might be a good question for @haesleinhuepf.


Hey @Wilson_Adams,

I just had a quick look what Fiji-Legacy is (didn’t know that it exist until now). There’s a lot of scripting stuff in there but likely outdated code. Thus, quick counter question: What exactly are you using from this update site?


I thought that’s what the auto-complete functionality was made under… or maybe i’ve been wrong this whole time. can i just uninstall it?


I think so … Give it a try :slightly_smiling_face: :raised_hands:

we’re good!!! thanks! It runs like new now

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