Autocompletion for library in FIJI

Dear community, Dear @haesleinhuepf ,

We (with @oburri and @NicoKiaru ) are really interested to add an autocomplete feature in the Fiji editor for our next library when scripting in groovy. Could you point us to some documentation and/or examples on how to do this?

Thank you in advance for your help!




Hey @romainGuiet,

that’s a great initiative! In ImageJ, most of the code lives in the in imagej-legacy repository. If you want to make your plugin auto-completable in ImageJs script editor, you might want to take a look at this blog post I wrote some time ago. Feedback is very welcome.

Furthermore, I’m not sure how your “next library” looks like. If you’re planning to have your own script editor (I hope not :wink: ) you may want to take a closer look into the RsyntaxArea library and the AutoComplete library we are using.

Last but not least, related topics:

I’m also getting @NicoDF, @imagejan, @Tiago_Ferreira and @albertcardona in the loop as they worked on it as well.

Let me know if you need anything else! If you see a chance to consolidate some stuff out there into an imagej/scijave repository, I’m happy to help.



Thank you @haesleinhuepf for the links and for tagging other DOIs (Developer Of Interest)!

You can find here the annoucement of the "next library” Using Imaris from Fiji via EasyXT-Fiji - Development - Forum

We’ll have a look to the documentation and comeback soon!




Hi to all,
how do I install this auto-completion for Python in a new version of Fiji?
Sorry but I am here with my colleagues and we are getting lost in the search for how to add it…

Thanks a lot,
Have a nice day

Hey @emartini ,

I think in the current development state you need to build these repositories yourself using maven and put the corresponding jar files in Fiji’s jars folder:

Or am I missing one @albertcardona @tferr ?


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The “funny” fact is that I have installed it on my Fiji version but I really don’t remember how I installed it…


In such situations, use tools like Beyond Compare to compare this Fiji with a blank Fiji :slight_smile:

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That’s right. In principle, it should have been released. In practice, I was unable to get the release tools to work, and now I run out of time for that.

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