Auto code completion for IJ macro



Hey @bramvdbroek,

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That’s indeed annoying. Thanks for the bug report!

I just added a timeout: It should stop searching for auto-completion entries after 250 milliseconds. Furthermore, I increased the minimum word length to 2.

Would you please test it again?

Who wants to test the new-new version, just download imagej-legacy.jar and put it in the jars directory of your Fiji installation. Please remove the other image-legacy.jar in the same folder. Restart Fiji afterwards.

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Thanks @haesleinhuepf,

The minimum word length of 2 characters works well (good idea), but the delay after typing ‘ru’ is still about 2 seconds, in my hands at least.

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Issue in SciJava common

Hey @bramvdbroek,

could you please try again with a freshly downloaded imagej-legacy.jar ?

I just introduced a maximum number for search results hoping the the UI responds faster now. In case you can confirm that it’s working better now, @ctrueden might consider putting the update into the currently running wave of updates…

Thanks again!