Attendance record

Hi! Let me start by saying that I know almost nothing about cells or biology. I just wanted to know if cellprofiler is capable of keeping attendance records based on pictures. I am attaching a picture of the empty place, two pictures, one of each side. People always sit at the same place so if the software can tell if there is someone seated then it is a positive attendance for that person.

It is for a non profit an noble cause.

Thanks in advance


This is an interesting use case! It’s hard to say what would be best in this situation, but my suspicion is that provided you are able to maintain exact (or at least consistent) camera placement and lighting/illumination, you can try to identify individuals by subtracting, on a per-pixel basis, a image of the auditorium without people from one with people in the seats. The hope in doing this is that the portions of the image that do not change will be removed, whereas the parts that do (the seated people) would have higher pixel values and hence lend themselves to identification.

Hopefully, that makes sense!