Is there a way to change the ports when running the imagej server? Our antivirus software runs some form of listening on port 8081 which is also required by imagej along with port 8080.



Hi Oli,

We can change the port on the atom-imagej-mode side. However, there isn’t a flag for changing the imagej-server port at the moment, but an issue has been filed. This was discussed with @ctrueden during the last hackathon, and I suspect it is a relatively painless enhancement that will happen but am not sure when this feature will be added.



Hi guys,

I also tried to run this cool new tool but got stuck as well. When I run the python script above

#@ UIService ui
#@ IOService io

(.show ui (.open io r"c:\Users\M1SRH\Pictures\Bild1.png"))

The output I get is:


I am running on Windows7 64bit and started my Fiji prior to running that script with Plugin - Utilities - Start Server. What is my mistake here?


If you run without the show command what happens, e.g.:

#@ UIService ui
#@ IOService io

(.open io r"c:\Users\M1SRH\Pictures\Bild1.png")

Edit: also note that this code is for a Clojure script, not a Python script. The file needs to saved with the matching extension: myscript.clj

The python version of this would look like:

#@ IOService io r"c:\Users\M1SRH\Pictures\Bild1.png" )

although I don’t use windows enough to know if the r"" syntax allows one to avoid escaping the \ characters in the string.


That works. Soory for overlooking that thing with the clojure script. The image opens as expected and the output is: