Associated File name to exporte data of nuclei

Hello, I’m trying to export database of nuclei intensity of each image’s objet , associated to images name.

I’m trying to measure object intensity for my images. I succeeds but when i obtain the data after do “export all” in export to data base, I have only nuclei intensity information of all object for each image, but i don’t keep the File_name associated to the image. The problem is that I count a lot of different conditions by experiment , and is spend long time to reassigned manually. Do you know if is possible to change pipeline to have Image number, Object number, and File name associated.

Thank you for your help

Hi @vinmo, is there a table in your database named something similar to MyExpt_Per_Image? This table should relate CellProfiler’s internal reference ImageNumber with the filenames for a particular image set. This information is stored in a series of columns named Image_FileName_XXX and metadata in a series of columns Image_Metadata_XXX.