Assigning colors and making montage

Hi all,
I am new to ImageJ and Fiji and need some step-by-step basics regarding simple image manipulations.

  1. I have a 4 channel .tiff that is opened as a black and white instead of color. How can I assign colors to each channel?
  2. how can I convert those color-assigned channels into a montage of individual channel images and a final merged image?

I have been playing around with the Image>Type>RGB color, Image>Color>Split channels, Plugins>RGB to montage commands but am going around in circles a bit. Thank you for any guidance you can offer a novice like myself!

Hi, and welcome!

For viewing and changing colors try the Channels Tool (user guide).

For montages, the BIOP update site has “Common Tools” that can make montages from composite images including the overlay.
There is a nice description here.

Hope this helps!