Artificial Intelligence for Life Sciences

@team Dear team,

First of all, big thanks for this forum, it’s absolutely great!
Second, I’d like to advertise here a potential partner forum (should you deem us worthy): Artificial Intelligence for Life Science (not-for-profit CIC registered in the UK).

With some common interests to, in our community we’d like to focus on AI algorithms. Specifically we want to bridge the gap between AI and Life Sciences concerning research and hands-on. The aim is to share papers, code and solutions.

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You could try advertising in the “announcement” section of the forum too :stuck_out_tongue:

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@ayakimovich I added your forum to the table of related forums here:

As far as adding a link to the top: the Community Forum @team had a non-public discussion about it awhile back with respect to the KNIME and ITK forums. We didn’t come to a crystal clear consensus, but there were enough divergent opinions that we opted not to include any more external forum links up top for the time being.

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@ayakimovich Do you have another logo that looks good on a light background?

If so, you may want to configure it to be used when viewing your forum with lighter themes:

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Yes, indeed, it is updated now (and attached here)


Thanks @ayakimovich. I updated the AILS logo in the relevant places here.

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