Artifactory: No OMERO-Blitz available that supports TLS1.2


I am developing a Java application that uses the OMERO Java API (omero-gateway). I am using Maven as build system, which allows me to import libraries directly from your artifactory.

Unfortunately the newest omero-gateway depends on an older version of omero-blitz where was not merged yet. This makes it impossible to debug the application in my IDE, as it won’t connect to the OMERO server I am using due to protocol error.

I currently have to install omero-blitz 5.5.8 (according to META-INF) from via Maven. This is of course not very elegant for someone who wants to build on my code.

Can someone please update the omero-blitz and omero-gateway on the artifactory, so there’s no need for such workaround?


Hi @ruman.gerst

omero-blitz 5.5.8 and omero-gateway 5.6.5 should be available on artifactory

When did you try to access them?
Our resources were down for few days [1] and we had to put some redirects in place and not all the versions of libraries were accessible.



[1] OME Resources Down due to UoD outage


Thank you for the answer!

Apparently there is an issue with my project that pulls omero-blitz-5.5.6 instead of 5.5.8, even if 5.5.8 is explicitly referenced in omero-gateway. A small test project pulled the correct dependencies.

Edit: I found the source: pom-scijava-29.2.1 (the most current non-snapshot one) pulls omero-blitz-5.5.6. This happens even to my small test project.

Edit2: For someone who has the same issue:

<!-- Set the OMERO Blitz version via dependencyManagement -->