"Area" vs. "Mean" Columns- Help with Muscle Fiber Imaging Analysis

Hello, I’ve been working on a project trying to calculate the area of muscle fibers taken under a microscope using ImageJ.

Once I set the appropriate scale and measure, I’m given an output that includes an “Area” column (with values such as 9.38 x 10E-4) and a “Mean” column (with values such as 28.391). I am hopeful that someone may be able to tell me what exactly these columns mean, since they are so different, in order to help me better decide which of these 2 values is the correct one to use for my area.
Thanks very much in advance

Hi @benjamins222,

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“Area” is the area of your selection, in whatever unit you have you image set to or in square pixels if you have no calibration.

“Mean” refers to your mean grey or intensity value in that selection.

The details of all the measurements you can set in ImageJ can be found here.

Good Luck.

Thanks very much for your help @lmurphy!

Really appreciate the clarification!