Area Occupied In Different Objects

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In cellprofiler I am trying to work out how much of GFP positive cells have infiltrated into a spheroid.

I have successfully segmented and identified GFP cells, spheroid and background as seperate objects. I just want to know if there is a way to work out the area of GFP object outside the spheroid in ‘background’ and then what’s the area of the GFP inside the spheroid object.

I basically want a similar sort of flow as used for Image Intensity where you can measure the intensity of image within an object but looking at area occupied.

Any help at all would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

For the Image Intensity, you can use the MaskImage module to creates masks from objects and then use these masked images to find out image-level intensities.

For finding out area, first calculate the total area occupied by the GFP cells using MeasureObjectSizeShape. Then if you mask the image with spheroids then the only objects left in the image would be GFP cells outside the spheroids. Hence, by using MeasureObjectSizeShape you can get the area for GFP outside the spheroids. You can subtract the second value obtained from the first value to get the area occupied by the GFP cells inside the spheroids.

I think you’ve just saved my sanity- thank you so much!



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Glad you found a solution!

In case it helps, there is also a module called MeasureImageAreaOccupied that might help, detailed in the manual here.

Hi, The problem was that the MeasureImageAreaOccupied module only measured the GFP in the entire image rather than enclosed in distinct objects.

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