Area measurements from binary image

I want to measure width, height, upper left corner coordinates from a binary image.
I am new to ImageJ so don’t know much about it.
I checked we can use plugins to do so. But i am developing a java application and i don’T want to use"…") in my java application.

You don’t need extra plugins to make this kind of measurements within a binary image.

Have a look at the documentation how to start with measeurments,e.g., on binary images:

However, it sounds like you would like to embed ImageJ in your own Java application.

A good start can be found here:

If you want to embed ImageJ1 into a Java application consult the ImageJ API and examples, e.g.,:

Thanks a lot!
I found Particle Analyzer and Analyzer.
Can you please tell me whether i can use Particle Analyzer without"ParticleAnalyzer") in my javacode?

Use the macro recorder of ImageJ to get the required commands (select Java):