Are all imagej plugins reliable? How much we can trust the result?

Do we need to check whether an imagej plugin is reliable?
How do you usually treat with a new plugin you want to work? Any verification required?

As far as I am aware, there is no standard validation method for plugins as they are developed independently by various parties. However, I am certain that the more studious contributors do validate the plugins they provide. You would need to contact them directly in order to find out if they have done any validation. Even so, you need to decide if that validation is acceptable to you; what are you comparing it to?


@Andrew_Shum I am working with a plugin that its result is not reasonable and I am not sure what is wrong with that. I do not know if the plugin is not working properly or any other reason.

In that case, I would suggest trying to contact the plugin author and ask them for help. By the way, which plugin is it?

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@Andrew_Shum Here you can find information about the plugin:
It is for characterization cell cytoskeleton.

Interesting. I am not sure which specific feature you are talking about but it looks like that plugin duplicates a bunch of existing one in ImageJ/Fiji. Depending on what you are trying to do, there might be another way to do it just to get some sort of validation.

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FWIW, I invited the author of the plugin suite,, to this forum topic (using the :link:Share button and the Send an Invite option). They might be able to provide advice here.


Thanks so much. I will wait to see.

@imagejan This is the email address of the leader of the team (first and only author of that paper): Would you please share this page with him as well?

@Andrew_Shum I need to find the fibers of the cell cytokleton characteristics in automated way. Do you have any other suggestion?

The Invite feature of this forum is not restricted to admins. You should be able to do it yourself. Please let us know if you run into problems when using the functionality.


I don’t work with bio samples so it is hard for me to say; especially without an example image. Perhaps you have one in one of your other threads? The answer would also depend on what characteristics you want to find.

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@Andrew_Shum yes the threads ones

I meant, do you have any example images we can look at? Even if I was familiar with bio samples, it would still be hard to tell you what “the fibers” are without being able to see the data.

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as an example: