Arbitrary values in ImageJ "clear" command with floats

The doc for the “Clear” menu option states

“Erases the contents of the selection to the current background color (normally white)”

I use floats so this is meaningless, and the values ImageJ puts in the cleared area seem arbitrary. I would love to select a region and “clear” it to zero. Is there a built-in way to do this?

I realize it would not be hard to write a plug in to do such a thing! But, sometimes I am working with people, for whom installing a plug in is a lot to ask. :slight_smile:

Any possibility the default behavior for this menu item, on a float image, could be to set the region to zero? I don’t really see how the arbitrary values are likely to be of much use but could be wrong.

Good day Eric,

provided a selection is made, with one additional step you get the result:

Process > Math > Set… > 0.0



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