Appropriate way to take pictures to small samples for batch measurements

Hello everyone,

I am planning to start sorting thru a lot of samples and I am planning to try to measure them in batch. The problem I have is that I don’t know how to take pictures to them to be easier for the ImageJ to measure them automatically.
@NoUsername that helped me tremendously with the first step recommended to take the pictures of my samples on a black background, but how I do that do be perfectly black? I added something on the background to be black but my macro lens picks up everything (all irregularities), can I edit those in post? Also, do my subjects (that are very very small, 7mm is the maximum in length) has to be perfectly aligned? I am asking because some of them are curved others are straight etc I am interested in measuring traits that are very very hard to spot even for me, that I am experienced. Also, the shrimps are white, only their eyes are black and the ovipositor is reddish, in case this matters.

Suggestions on settings and technics etc are welcomed!
My email is in case someone has a protocol of taking pictures to small objects on a black background and want so share.


Hi @shrimp -

Perhaps the best way of getting some help is to post some sample images here on the forum? That way - we can better understand what you are trying to accomplish.

So my advice - to get the best feedback, post one or more example images here and describe in detail what you really want to measure.

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Good day Iulian,

if this

I am interested in measuring traits that are very very hard to spot even for me

is true, it is to expect that automatic image analysis wont help.

If the features (traits) you are looking for can be enhanced, e.g. contrasted by dyes or markers, you should do that.

Concerning the background, you may try a box made out of black card board with a hole at the top that is a bit larger than your objects. You may use thin black matt threads across the hole that hold the object at the center of the hole. The box needs to be big with respect to the object. Try not to directly illuminate the interior bottom of the box.

Have success