Applying threshold based on measurements

Hi there,

I am trying to apply a threshold on my image (to create a binary image) based on prior-measurements of intensities of my objects. But in the ApplyThreshold module, Measurement --> Category, I could not find the intensity option. Can anybody help or know how to get away with this?



With you intention, I don’t think Measurement -> Category is a good choice. How about : select"Manual" instead of “Measurement”, then input the intensity value you have in mind?


Thanks for the reply. For my case, I do not think “Manual” would be a good choice either as the threshold could change from image to image.

Anyway, I have found a solution: instead directly measuring the object intensity, I could measure the image intensity with only including the objects identified by a previous module. Then the ApplyThreshold module let me use Intensity as a parameter for deciding the threshold.


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That’s indeed a neat way to go.

Previously, we can do the following way, I’m not certain at the version 2.2.0 CP.
If your thresholds varies from image to image, then you may try to :

  • Save precalculated intensities and your images of interest together in 1 spreadsheet, each intensity value correspond to 1 image.
  • Then go to Metadata , select Import from file module import this spreadsheet.
  • Then in ApplyThreshold, now under Measurement -> Category, you can choose Series (or FileName depend on how you set up your grouping).

But your solution is actually faster :slight_smile: