Applying Illumination correction to a group of image

Hi There,
I’ve acquired images from a series of 96 well plates and I’m trying to analyse them. First thing first, I’m trying to apply a illumination correction function to each plate. The way my pipeline is set up at the moment is I load all my images and extract the metadata and group the images into plate. Now I’ve followed a few informations I’ve found on the forum and with the help button on the program and created a separate pipeline to calculate the illumination function per plate. Now I can generate 3 .mat file (I use 3 channels) per plate but I don’t understand how to load them back into my original pipeline to apply the correction?
Thanks for the help, I’m a huge fan of the program!

I should’ve pay more attention to the examples but after carefully looking at the pipeline Human cytoplasm-nucleus translocation assay (SBS Bioimage), I managed to solve my problem!