Applying a "warp mask" to multiple images




I was using Fiji’s plugun, bUnwarpJ, to warp one image to another. Now I would like to apply the same warp to one or more other images, as they are the same size but were acquired using different modalities. Is there a way to do this, either using bUnwarpJ or a different feature?

Many thanks in advance,



Hi @Emily_Patterson,

This is possible with bUnwarpJ, see here.

Load Elastic Transformation : it loads an elastic transformation from a file and applies it to the so-called source image. The transformation file must be in the format of the plugin B-spline transformations, i.e. the same format as the files created with the “Save Transformation” option.

If you’re still having trouble, after trying that, don’t hesitate to post here again.



Thanks @bogovicj
I managed to produce the image but when I try to save it (as a .tif) it saves the binary image of the warp mask, rather than the image itself.
Any suggestions?




Oh not to worry, I just forgot to change it to 8-bit before saving! Thanks for your help!