Apply Object Classifier to more than one image

I have trained an Object Classifier, and now, I would like to apply to many images in my project.
Is this possible?
Avoiding to open each image and apply individually.

Hi @David_Garcia_Ros,

Yes it is possible. As long as you saved your classifier somewhere.
For more info about the batch processing, you can check out the docs. Basically, you can write your script and click Run > Run for project then choose the images to which the script will be applied.

Regarding the script itself, I don’t know exactly what your worflow is, but if you have say cells present in your images, you can use runObjectClassifier(nameOfYourClassifier) to run your object classifier all over relevant objects in your images. Which is what I believe you’re looking for.
Good luck!

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Thank you!
Yes, I forgot to say I was using Qupath m12.

I didn´t know that in Automate - “Run for project” you can select images, and not necessarily the whole project.

I have just used your script line: runObjectClassifier(“nameOfYourClassifier”) succesfully.

Thank you very much again for the quick answer!

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