Apply BioVoxxel shape descriptor maps to binary time-lapse

Hi all,

I am working with a binary time-lapse and I want to obtain the shape descriptor map for each timepoint and then concatenate them to have an hyperstack with each channel being a different descriptor (area, perimeter, etc). I tried to do a macro but the macro recorder does not recognise the shape descriptor map as a single command, but a sequence of commands that is not reproducible for different time-points (images). I’ve done it manually for short time-lapses but it is quite annoying… Does anyone have a suggestion/solution for this? Would be nice if BioVoxxel gave me the option to process the whole stack…



Hi @cuencam,

unfortunately, the Shape Descriptor Maps is a macro itself. That is, why the recorder does not properly record it. In that way (at least currently), it cannot be applied to a stack or series (or timelapse) of images. I started already in converting that tool into a real plugin, but it is still not finished and this shitty little corona virus problem keeps me so busy that I am currently not able to finish that. I will try hard to. once it is ready, it might still be applicable in a slide only but then you could run a for loop in a macro for each slide and apply it on all time points. Sorry, for not having better news or a faster solution at hand.

Okay! Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: