Appending databses in CellProfiler and/or applying AI classifier from one datatbase to the next

Hello all and specially @bcimini and @DStirling

I’m now enjoying the latest versions of CP and CPA, thanks a lot for these tools!

I have a user who has multiple folders of images which she wants to process from the same experiment, using the same pipeline. For logistical reason, analysing everything in one go is difficult. From each folder, we get single table of result and MySQL database. Since they will need to be analysed all together, we were wondering if we could append or merge the end databases into one as discussed in older version of CP (like here

As a correlate, we were wondering if it was possible to use a classifier in CPA from one set of images onto another set of images without having the need for retraining. At the moment, if you open a database and import a model built from another database, you are given bins containing the different classes of objects but the system refuses to run the model as the bins are empty.



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You may find this linked threads helpful- the short answer to whether your classifiers are reusable is “yes, just not in CPA, in subsequent runs you’ll want to use CellProfiler”; if you’re using CPA3, you’ll have to wait for our next CellProfiler release to load in CPA classifiers, but that should hopefully be next week, or the week after at the latest.

Hopefully these help- good luck!

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