Aperature Photometry Parameters Menu

I have imagej downloaded in a MAC machine and windows 10. In windows 10 my problem is when I pull down a menu I cannot read the titles for each entry box. For example, if I select Aperature Photometry Parameters menu the only items I see is the 3 entry boxes at the top of the menu and I see no titles for each box, but i can enter values. The lack of titles for each check box is gone, but I can enter a check mark in each box. I have the same problem for other menu pull downs. I don’t have this problem on the MAC machine.

Do you have the same problem if you use Fiji?

I don’t know anything about Fiji. What is Fiji?

Fiji is just a distribution of ImageJ which comes with a set of interesting libraries and plugins already installed.

Thank you for the feedback. I will jump to the Fiji web site and check them out. My interest is to do some astrophotography. I have no camera equipment but I down load pictures and play with imagej software to learn the ins and out of astrophotography and image processing. I have a 10" reflector telescope and look at the night sky when the sky is clear.

I see, did you try AstroImageJ?

I only tried imagej and added the astronomy plugin. Good point, I’ll try to download astroimagej.

I found my problem. I have an astronomy program running in the background that with night vision active. When I make the night vision inactive the imagej program works OK. Thanks for your time and suggestions.

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