AOTF control with Micro-Manager2

We are new to micro-manager2 and are trying to use it with a G&H AOTF controlled with a AODS 20160 (octal AOTF controller). We have tried to access it through the hardware configuration wizard as “AOTF” and “Neos” but have not had luck in being able to control it. Where would we be able to assign channels with the RF and power? Any help in setting it up would be appreciated.


You can find my attempt at writing a device adapter for the AODS20160 on the “GoochandHousego” branch of my github fork here: micro-manager/DeviceAdapters/CrystalTechnology at GoochAndHousego · nanthony21/micro-manager · GitHub

I never got it fully working and eventually got fed up with G&H’s inability to provide any useful technical support or even a USB driver that doesn’t get auto-removed by Windows 10.You are more than welcome to copy the source code and see if you can turn it into something useful. Sorry that I can’t provide you an easier solution than that.

If I remember correctly the device adapter depends on an SDK called AotfLibrary, you’ll have to see if you can get a copy of it from Gooch&Housego. Documentation for the SDK is here: