Any way to generate outlines from ClassifyObjects?

Hi, I have a pipeline that I am using to segment tissue images to quantify pancreatic islets, separating them into three classes by size.
For results reporting, I would like to generate an image with the outlines of the 3 classes of islets drawn on the original image, each class outlined with a specific color. However, the image created optionally in ClassifyObjects just shows the solid objects, with no way to see the tissue.

Is there any way to have the ‘ClassifyObjects’ generate new classes outlines from the single class its starts with??

I imagine a long workaround might be to re-segment several times the single image that ClassifyObjects produces (do a color segmentation for red for the first class, blue for second etc… to generate new objects for each class for each classified image), but if there is a simpler way I’m interested!

regards, Keith

Hi Keith,

Unfortunately, there is no option in ClassifyObjects to generate outlines in this manner. However, a workaround is to use FilterObjects in a similar manner to ClassifyObjects. All you would need to do is specify the same measurements and cutoffs in FIlterObjects and specify that you want outlines for the new objects. The downside is that you would need to do this for each ClassifyObjects bin, i.e., three FIlterObjects modules, one for each class.