Any Plugin Available for Petroleum-Geoscience Parameters Calculate from 2D Thin Section Image by Image Processing

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This Image, I want to Analyze Particles of blue color as Pore-space to defined petroleum-geoscience parameters (Porosity, Relative Permeability, Capillary Pressure) by Image Processing

This is Segmented Image of blue color pore-space through origin image.

Now,I’m struggling to find a way to calculate pore diameter, pore throat, relative permeability and capillary pressure from 2D thin section image ?

Is there a common way to solved it? or Any Plugin available in ImageJ for that image processing in Petroleum-Geoscience?

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posting the same request several times won’t accelerate replies.

Please refrain from doing so!



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Dear Herbie,

I express my regret for (Mention the same request again) and express my apology for it. But I want to identify same parameters from 150 Thin section Images so thinking accelerate reply comes on forum in less time.

I accept my fault and was lacking professionalism which you may be expecting from forum bloggers.

But If you and other group with your contact have good suggestion for solution of 2D image Processing technique to defined petroleum-geoscience parameters then tell me early as soon as possible.



but What and how and with which softwares and approaches peer reviewed journals of this field analyse images and get data?

Hello Emartini,

I am working on Thesis of Pore-Network-Modeling by 2D Thin-section images of sandstone in M.Tech Petroleum field. I am reading many journals for that field to analyze images by ImageJ software and researchers using that kind of software to get data by 2D image and apply for batch processing.

Sample Paper Link =

For thesis purpose licence software work required to analyze image but ImageJ have easy operation plugin to solved each parameter so my teacher suggest me to learn about it and apply process on it to get data through image processing.

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