Any one tried imagej in andriod

Have anyone tried developing image in Android platform

Hi @Srinu_Javadhi,

Someone asks about that about once a year, so I imagine people have tried. But since there isn’t much follow up, it’s hard to know how successful those people have been.


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Out of curiosity, what would be the use case? Most of the images we’re dealing with require decent computing power and a decent monitor so I doubt this would work well on a phone. Also the UI would need to be adapted since the menus could be quite long and complex.

I want to count the silkworm eggs laid by a silkworm using the app… this requires some functionality like threshold , 8 bit conversionl and find Maxima.

I recently discovered an image framework as I was in search of a Gabor filter implementation for an image classification plugin.

The Catalano Framework offers also an Android implementation and comes with a lot of different image algorithms useful for your work:

Here is a nice overview article I found:

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