Any function that uses 3D viewer never displays

Anytime I use a function that used 3D viewer, like bonej’s Moments of Inertia, the 3D Viewer window pops open, and never displays anything. Even if I leave it for an extended period of time, no visual ever appears. Then, when I exit out of the 3D Viewer window, the log states “3D Viewer was closed before rendering completed.” I have 3D Java installed. I am unsure what the problem is, and I am pretty sure it is not my own impatience. Any help?

Are you using Fiji? If so, are you using the Java 6 version, or the Java 8 version? (See this page for more information about that.)

Note that currently, I believe BoneJ only supports the Java 6 version.

Does the “Test Java3D” command work? What about the 3D Viewer itself?

I was not at the time, but I just installed it yesterday, uninstalling Java beforehand. Now when I try to run 3D Viewer in Fiji, this is what happens, with no popup asking about downloading 3DJava.

I tried the “Test 3D Java” (Plugins-Utilities-Debugging) but it doesn’t work. Two windows pop up for a split second and then disappear as ImageJ closes itself/crashes. I’ve checked and I have version 6 of Java with my Fiji download. I am running Windows 7.


Hmm, that error suggests that: A) you already have Java 3D installed into your Fiji’s Java folder; and B) your current graphics drivers might not work with Java 3D.

However, a Google search for the error above (in quotes) yields lots of different reasons it might be happening.

You could try upgrading your graphics drivers, as well as reading through some of the threads online.

You could also try downloading a fresh 2015-Dec-22 Life-Line version of Fiji and see whether that works.