Anomalies in searching kvpairs in parade and main OMERO search tool

Hello OME team,

i have noticed that something odd happens when i try to use either the OMERO search tool and the parade tool and i search for kvpairs.

OMERO tool: i don’t see any error in writing the search but i find no image (unexpected behaviour as the image exists)

Parade vs OMERO search: in this case i am trying to search images with 3:2009

OMERO search finds one image (unexpected behaviour as Parade finds correctly 2)

Note one important detail. DSC_009 has been imported in OMERO prior the migration to 5.5.1 and the image in its description has the acquisition date. DSC_4324 doesn’t show acquisition date at all, however, this is in the metadata of the image (checkd by right click on the image in the file directory on my laptop).

I noticed that OMERO search works ok with images and annotation imported prior 5.5.1 and fails with images and annotation added in 5.5.1

Parade failure: Parade fails in searching KVpairs if i have 2 or more keys with the same name e.g. spp_id=20 andd spp_id=34. But perhaps this is what should happen, as the search doesn’t allow more than 2 keys with the same name.

Hi Illaria,
It sounds like the search indexer has stopped working. See the docs at
You may need to restart the Indexer as described there:

$ omero admin ice
>>> server list
>>> server stop Indexer-0

Or if this doesn’t fix the search for data you have, you may want to re-index everything (also described at that page).

Unfortunately, parade makes the assumption of a single Value for each Key.
I’ll create a ticket to look at fixing that: