Announcing the NEUBIAS F1000 Gateway

Hi all,

On behalf of the rest of the Gateway Advisory Board, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the NEUBIAS F1000 Gateway!

The Gateway aims to serve as a “central collection point” for all matters related to bioimage analysis- it accepts scientific research articles in a range of lengths, but also posters, training material, opinion articles, notes about new software or data sets, and more. Research articles will go through an open peer review process coordinated by the F1000 editorial team, and upon reviewer acceptance are indexed in PubMed.

We hope that with the creation of this resource we help materials like posters and training slides find a more permanent and accessible home, as well as providing a place where articles about image analysis workflows can be published where the workflow itself is the “star of the show”, rather than an incidental detail on the way to a biological finding.

For more information, please do check out the page on the NEUBIAS website, as well as the Gateway itself. We will have some additional exciting announcements soon about the Gateway, so stay tuned for more news!