Announcing the creation of a Twitter bot retweeting #bioimageanalysis

Dear all,

I would like to make an announcement for those who are on :twitter:Twitter.
A few months ago, Sebastien Rochette and I created a Twitter bot :robot:, which automatically retweets the hashtag #bioimageanalysis.
The bot has now more than 80 followers and is regularly retweeting :slight_smile:
Now that I see that it is working nicely, I would like to share this tool with all of you.

:point_right: If you want to ease your Twitter watch related to the bioimage analysis field, I would recommend to follow the bot @Talk_BioImg.
:point_right: If you are talking about bioimage analysis related topics (for instance talking about this forum, or about softwares, workshops, job offers…), I would recommend that you use the hashtag #bioimageanalysis.

A few precisions:

  • As @haesleinhuepf asked in this tweet, typos are not allowed :wink: for instance, #bioimageanlysis will not be found
  • If you cite the bot :robot: (@Talk_BioImg) in your tweet, it will not be retweeted
  • Nevertheless, citing the bot :robot: (@Talk_BioImg) is worth to invite new people to follow it
  • Since it is a bot :robot:, it does not follow other accounts and retweets blindlessly all tweets containing #bioimageanalysis
  • As administrator of this account, my role is to check that the bot is still working
  • To know more about the technical details, read this blog article

I wish you all a nice scientific watch on Twitter!


Thanks! It will be nice if that tag gets adopted more widely so I don’t have to try to #sciencetwitter #imageanalysis #qupath #everythingandthekitchensink

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in the pursuit of inclusivity, would it be OK to have both #BioImageAnalysis and #bioimageanalysi? capitalizing the first letters of each word will help reading it and it is as useful as changing from rgb to cmyk :slight_smile:

Hi @Debora_KellerOlivier,

Good question. The function I use to query the Twitter API with the R package rtweets is case insensitive, so #BioImageAnalysis, #bioimageanalysis or #BioimageAnalysis will all be found and retweeted :wink: You can have a look at all the tweets that were retweeted so far by the :robot: .

Nevertheless, Twitter seems to be case sensitive when proposing commonly used hashtags. So ideally, if one wanted to help this hashtag pop up in the Twitter auto-completion suggestions when one starts writing #bio…, it would be better to favor only one writing. This part is not up to me but to the community.