Announcing DIPlib 3.0.0

The first non-beta release of the DIPlib 3 branch was released in February, after several years of hard work.

I figured people here might be interested.

DIPlib is an extensive library of image processing and analysis algorithms. It is geared towards quantitative image analysis, and one main distinguishing feature is the focus on precision. We have been developing DIPlib since 1995 (at Delft University of Technology at first, the team is more distributed now). This version is a rewrite of the infrastructure in C++, and is open source (Apache 2.0 license).

DIPimage is a user-friendly MATLAB toolbox based on DIPlib.

New in 3.0.0 are the Python bindings (pip install diplib).

Also new are a C++ interface to Bio-Formats, and DIPviewer, an interactive multi-dimensional image display tool usable from C++, Python and MATLAB.

For more details, visit the DIPlib website, and the project repository.


Dear Chris,
great to hear. Is there a simple Windows installer for DIPimage3 (similar to DIPimage 2.9 installer win64.exe) for Win10 64bit, which does not require compilation? The missing installer is the ‘only’ reason I still use 2.9.

Hi Andre,

I would love to be able to provide one, but I don’t know how to build MATLAB dependencies on Travis or a similar free resource. I figure including relevant MATLAB headers and libraries in the repository would be illegal. :slight_smile:

The person who volunteered to build the DIPimage 2 distributions is rather bust these days. He doesn’t even have the time to figure out how to set up his build machines for the new branch.

If you or anyone else have any suggestions for automating the build of MATLAB MEX-files on three platforms, please let me know!