Announcing CellProfiler 4.0


Yup, sorry about that. It’s a different image this time.

I was able to replicate the issue this morning, and have now prepared a more robust fix which should be in the next minor release. Thanks!

Thanks for the hard work! @DStirling

@AliNassar Ok, would you be able to try v4.0.4, which is currently available on the website? Please let me know if you still encounter issues!

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An update for you - as of release 4.0.4 CellProfiler will now use a different settings key for the plugins directory in CP4. It should copy over the CP3 setting to start with, but if you change it in CP4 it will no longer impact older installations.

Great! Thanks for the update.

I had the same error message as @AliNassar and v4.0.4. is working for me now. Thanks - Looking forward to trying it out!

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For those of you who use plugins for CellProfiler, we’ve now moved all CellProfiler 3 plugins to their own folder in the main CellProfiler-plugins repository, to make more clear that they shouldn’t be used with CellProfiler 4, and added a conversion guide.

To the degree that we have bandwidth and/or that they are used by the main CellProfiler team, we will be upgrading some of the existing CellProfiler3 plugins to CellProfiler 4; ultimately, though, we don’t guarantee maintenance of these, that is the responsibility of the contributing author. If you need a plugin and we haven’t gotten to it yet, we encourage you to upgrade it and then contribute the upgraded version back to the repository! We’re happy to help if you get stuck along the way.

@DStirling Thanks for the hard work. It’s working!

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