Annotations missing


I’ve been using Qupath for some time, having generated several projects. After my Windows 7 to Windows 10 update, Qupath 0.2.0-m2 couldn’t locate the images in any project anymore, even though I didn’t move the images. After trying various milestones (m9, m5, the stable 1.2 version) I ended up back at m2 correctly locating the images. Only, now it won’t load the images’s annotations. Qupath does open the image with annotations when I open the corresponding ‘data.qpdata’ file in the ‘data’ sub-folder. Is there a way to either:

In the project when opening an image, make it load its annotations?


Combine all individual ‘data.qpdata’ files into a project, basically ending up with the original project?

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You should at least be able to overwrite the appropriate data.qpdata files in a new, fresh project where the images work. I have done that a couple of different times for various reasons.

It might be possible to edit the .qpproj file, but I would go with the above if it is a reasonably small number of files. Especially if you were working in the User folders, some of the folder names changed when you upgraded without you changing them. For example My Documents became Documents, and the same with My Pictures -> Pictures.

I generally avoid the User folders as much as possible :slight_smile: Spent too much time doing IT stuff.