Annotation names not shown

Hi all,

Unfortunately I can not seem to get the annotation names in the preview image. Only when I select the tab ‘annotations’ the names are visible in that tab (not on the image). It used to be visible in the image, so I don’t know what changed. As you can see from the screenshot, I don’t have an option to ‘show annotation names’.

I have tried looking it up in the ‘read the docs’ and have searched if there are topics already solving the problem. Without any luck.

Thanks very much in advance!


Hi Frederique,

What version of QuPath are you using?

Hi Melvin,

0.2.0 m9.


I think that might be the issue.
We’ve introduced the ‘Show names’ command in a later version. If possible you should try to update your QuPath version to get all the bug fixes and a more stable API overall.

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Won’t that effect my project?

It might, depends on the structure of your project. But I think it would still be worth the effort, as the newer versions are much more robust, reliable and offer more possibilities (and support, through the forum!)

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Great I’m gonna try now!

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Problem solved! So far does not seem to effect the current project I’m working in.

Thanks very much!

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